What’s an innovation agency?

Many mistake the term “innovation” for “technology” or “creativity”. And while those things are integral to what we do, we move fluidly between disciplines such as strategy, brand communications, design, creative technology, industrial design, change management, writing, environment, retail design, and production management.


The results for clients have included new brands, new products, new services, new customer experiences, and new models for driving loyalty.


We are a collective of high-level problem solvers that believe it’s time for a new model of commercial creativity; one that interrogates your brand across every touch point.


U Don’t Know Us (UDKU) doesn’t just help clients think differently about their business.


We implement ideas that change them for the better.


What we do

We create better experiences, by design.


The consumer (or ‘human’ as we sometimes like to call them) is at the core of our thinking. We audit product and services to improve them.  We map the human journey to purchase – and then create new compelling experiences at each stage.


We believe a message is no longer enough. Technology has raised people’s expectations forever, not only online but also in the real world. To genuinely connect requires innovative experiences – be they in branding, communications, physical space or digital.


And this is where our deep, design-based thinking makes all the difference.  Brands reinvigorated from the inside out.

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Getting ready to innovate

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Customer Experience Audit

Is your brand truly being experienced by your customer in the way you imagine? Our diagnostic will allow you to see clearly where the gaps are and provide you with a roadmap for future success.

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Customer Asset Evaluation

Your most valuable customers are the ones that use you AND love you.  But how are you managing your customer assets? Our simple approach will allow you to identify the products, services and demographics that are most valuable to your business, and where competitive opportunities may lie.


Innovation Process Audit

Ideas are nothing without implementation. Our quick survey will identify where the breakdowns may be occurring in people and process, that might be stopping your business from being more agile.


Our Relationships

We’re really proud of our the breakthrough projects we have completed for clients, but because innovation is our clients competitive advantage, we can’t share the details just yet. In some cases, we can share cases on a one to one basis.


Please contact us for more information.

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The Team


Colin Jowell


Colin began his strategic career at McKinsey’s South Africa, before joining M&C Saatchi Malaysia and eventually Sydney. At the Sydney office, he was Head of Strategy, leading the launch of well-known campaigns like Commonwealth Bank’s ‘Can’ work, and many more for Optus, Pizza Hut and other high profile clients.

His directives for innovation are always based on sound, yet fresh strategic thinking. Colin brings a powerful combination of intellect and intuition to the table, with an understanding of consumers that’s a rarity.


Kon Marinis


A true entrepreneur and inventor, Kon currently has 16 IPs pending. His unique blend of advertising, architecture and design expertise inform an ability to cut through traditional boundaries.

Kon’s extensive experience has taken him all over Asia and Australia, working with Y&R, Leo Burnett, JWT and BBDO. As Creative Director at IdeaWorks, he reinvigorated retail chains with pure innovation and breakthrough design. At UDKU, he inspires our multidisciplinary creative team to seek transformation at every touch point.


Mark Timmins


In his 12 years at M&C Saatchi, Mark held senior client leadership roles on major brands like Optus, Qantas and Dick Smith. It should be no surprise then that he knows how to make things happen.

Direct and deliberate, Mark’s clarity of thinking and problem solving put a steady hand at the management helm of UDKU. He’s a firm believer that fewer, more closely aligned people will always achieve more. He believes in innovation over media spend, ideas over channels, and in standing out over blending in.



We do more than help our clients innovate. We’re in the business of breakthrough ourselves, partnering with all manner of likeminded entrepreneurs to develop brands, products and communication strategies of our own.


Unique thinking

Today, sales are only half the story. When they’re combined with an emotional connection, the consumer will talk about you, recommend you, look for you and keep using you. So to drive innovation, we need to know what’s working.


That’s where Relationship Mapping comes in. It’s a UDKU strategic tool that drives and defines our thinking. By combining a rationale – or usage – with emotional metrics, we can reveal the consumer’s relationship with your brand. This pinpoints just where innovation can unearth new opportunities.


Download a PDF Case Study on Relationship Mapping


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